Tusk - David Yarrow - Leonhard's Gallery

David Yarrow’s Auction at Tusk Ball Fundraising dinner attended by Prince William

October 25, 2017

The Tusk Gala dinner at The Roundhouse in Camden, London was attended by HRH The Duke of Cambridge, who gave a very considered speech on conservation issues in Africa. His focus on population growth is absolutely right – this will soon become conservationists’ biggest battle.

The event was always earmarked as our key fundraising event for Tusk in the second half of the year and I am delighted that my work raised £140,000 that evening. The Old Testament sold twice – each at £52,000 – a new record for a charity bid for one of our limited edition works. Lugard – a late edition to the auction – also sold for £31,000.

Tusk - David Yarrow - Leonhard's Gallery
Tusk event 2017  – David Yarrow

We want to thank the generosity of the bidders and the excellent auctioneering skills of Martin Bayfield. The whole Tusk team did an excellent job that night and reminded those in attendance why they are one of the most respected and creditable NGOs in the UK. I am honoured that we work in collaboration with Tusk and the £300,000 that we have now given back this year is a fair reflection of what we have also taken out of the ecosystems that they protect. If there were no more big tuskers, reports like this would simply not exist.

Our partnership with Tusk is an entirely logical and symbiotic one and it is good to work with people that pursue excellence in the field with the same passion that we do. They of course do more important work, but we will continue to try to help where we can with fundraising.

Tusk - David Yarrow - Leonhard's Gallery
Tusk event 2017 – David Yarrow