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IN FOCUS Magazine by David Yarrow

August 21, 2020

We are excited to be able to share with you that in August, David Yarrow studio will launch IN FOCUS, a triannual international journal that has photography and film as its genesis and collaboration and humanity as its backbone.

This journal will be outwardly visual, but inwardly empathetic. There will be a focus on those that are doing good by working with purpose and there will be an emphatic message about the power of collaboration and being collegiate. IN FOCUS was conceived in the lockdown and we are proud of that, as we don’t expect the world to revert to how it was. The journal will have over 100 pages, the publication is 25% bigger in dimension than A4 and will have high quality paper. The brands featured in IN FOCUS enjoy the association, and DYP benefits from their affirmation and increased distribution. 

In the first edition, we have collaborated with influential figures such as Glaswegian photographer Harry Benson, supermodel Cindy Crawford, Australian actor Chris Hemsworth and renowned golfer Gary Player, all of whom are top in their fields. In addition, charities such as Best Buddies and WildAid to brands such as Nikon are all proudly supporting our journal.

We have 300 copies for our David Yarrow fans!
You can come and get your copy at our Gallery free of charge!

Leopoldstraat 45 – 2000 Antwerp
For more info please call: +32 (0)3 226 28 80