The selected artworks

Inge Cornil is strongly inspired by the regeneration process on planet earth as a result of the impact of mass consumption on the natural environment. The painter focusses on the battlefield where beauty, economy and ecology constantly meet and clash.

As an artist, she wants to break open the hinterlands of pristine settings in order to expose and raise awareness. The latest series EARTH WORKS, SEA WORKS and OCEAN WORKS reveal the toxic ‘cloudiness’ in the transparent waters of earth’s seas and oceans.

Each artwork is dynamically composed of 50 till 100 layers of natural pigments, combined with liquids on canvas. The layered presentation of matter showcases the scars of the painting, and is reminiscent of earth’s tattoos caused by the chemical interaction of matter.

Her paintings exhibit an intricate play between observation and concealment, and between knowledge and ignorance. The monumental character of the paintings makes it possible for the viewer to connect with the story.