The selected artworks

Although most of his work concentrates on animal themes, he also creates human figures and always with a great sense of humour. To Serge, art and humour work very well together. His work is alway generating expressions of amazement and it demonstrates that art is not, and can never be, an exact science. His sculptures amaze and move people; nobody is indifferent to his work.

Sometimes the word “avant-garde in recycling”, comes to mind when contemplating his art. This material he uses clearly had another life, another function. He recycles it to a thing of beauty. The choice to confront us with this used material is an expression of courage and also of artistic creativity. His work is “unique”, “amusing” and “recognisable”. Serge realises that Oscar Wilde was right in stating “Nothing is so dangerous as being too modern; one is apt to grow old fashioned quite suddenly”.