Date: November 11, 2023 - November 19, 2023
Opening: THURSDAY 9 NOVEMBER, 2023
Location: Namur Expo, Avenue Sergent Vrithoff, Namur, Belgium


Leonhard’s Gallery is thrilled to announce its return to the prestigious Antica Namur Fine Art Fair this year, showcasing a splendid array of new works and talented artists. Antica Namur Fine Art Fair has consistently upheld its status as a European art fair paragon, captivating both art professionals and enthusiasts for over 45 years.

With an impressive turnout of more than 20,000 visitors from Belgium and across Europe, including collectors and dedicated buyers, the fair provides a dynamic platform for engaging with art. Over 120 galleries from Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, and Luxembourg will converge upon Namur Expo, offering a diverse selection of art.

Antica Namur Fine Art Fair continues to earn acclaim for its exceptional stand quality and the remarkable works on display. The fair presents a rich tapestry of decorative arts from the 18th and 19th centuries, old masters, modern and contemporary paintings, antique and art jewelry, and furniture spanning from the Haute Epoque to the modern era. Leonhard’s Gallery looks forward to welcoming you at this extraordinary event.