The Day Before I Met Her - Luc Dratwa -Leonhard's Gallery

Date: March 6, 2020 - March 29, 2020
Opening: March 5th 2020
Location: Leopoldstraat 45, Antwerp, Belgium


After the success of his previous photographs, Luc Dratwa manages to surprise us once again with Windows 2.0. In his new series, the photographer adds clever montages to his composition.

At times like a painter, or more like a director, he recreates a landscape into a view that is more true than nature, making it so obvious that the hardened eye misunderstands it. The scene is perfect, strangely credible. Luc Dratwa, as always, offers us very high precision photographs.

And the result is that we find ourselves instantly projected inside the scenes. Resting our elbows on a window, or strolling along the bends in a corridor, we gaze through a window at the city, at its movements and at its drowsiness.

We enjoy looking into the distance but the window is an invisible barrier that distances us from our dreams, confining them to the level of fantasy. A feeling of confinement, of well-being, or the desire to be elsewhere, what you see is rather like a reflection of yourself. Do you think you are simply admiring an urban décor? Don’t be mistaken, Windows 2.0 says a lot about the person who observes them.