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We are delighted to invite you at our new Waterside Gallery

Saturday 19/06 – Sunday 20/06From 11h – 18h. Godefriduskaai 50 2000 Antwerpen Featuring the Photography of David Yarrow

Behind The Scenes with David Yarrow

A trip to the Zambezi River, Africa The hippopotamus is one of the most dangerous animals in Africa. I had full confidence in my guide and his safety instructions, but there were a few nervous moments. Running away from a hippo with a camera and reasonably sized lens is not a comfortable experience, as turning […]

Podcast vol5 - David Yarrow - Leonhard's Gallery

David Yarrow Podcast 1.0

AMBOSELISERIES 1 EPISODE 5 Amboseli National Park may not be the chosen destination for tourists in search of the Big Five, but what it lacks in breadth of animals it more than makes up for in elephants. The national park in Kenya is where photographer David Yarrow captured his majestic images Africa (2018), Squad (2019) […]

Podcast vol4 - David Yarrow - Leonhard's Gallery

David Yarrow Podcast 1.0

POLAR BEARSSERIES 1 EPISODE 4 In this episode of In Focus, photographer David Yarrow recalls his travels in South Sudan where he photographed the Dinka people in the photograph that made his career, Mankind (2015). Hear the story behind the photograph that catalysed his journey to becoming one of the world’s most celebrated photographers — […]

Podcast vol3 - David Yarrow - Leonhard's Gallery

David Yarrow Podcast 1.0

POLAR BEARSSERIES 1 EPISODE 3 The extreme danger surrounding polar bears makes them poor candidates for portrait photography. Photographer David Yarrow travelled around the world to find a place where he could get close to these majestic animals, and achieved shots that others had previously failed to. This episode tells the story behind his powerful […]

Podcast vol2 - David Yarrow - Leonhard's Gallery

David Yarrow Podcast 1.0

NORTH KOREASERIES 1 EPISODE 2 Beach resorts, table tennis tournaments and memory cards submerged in hair gel: this episode of In Focus sees David Yarrow take us through his eye-opening trip to uncover the real North Korea outside of Pyongyang, leading to his cinematic Blade Runner (2018) photograph.. Listen to it here: https://www.davidyarrowpodcast.com/episode-2-north-korea

Podcast vol1 - David Yarrow - Leonhard's Gallery

David Yarrow Podcast 1.0

THE KILLERSSERIES 1 EPISODE 1 There are only a few places in the world where there is a possibility of capturing a killer whale on camera. David took his chance in the short intervals of daylight during a Norwegian winter, but he didn’t expect to join the killers in the icy water. In this episode […]

In Focus David Yarrow - Leonhard's Gallery


David Yarrow has just released his new magazine ‘IN FOCUS’ 2.0find out more bellow Get your edition of the new‘IN FOCUS’ 2.0 Magazineat our new Waterside Gallery Godefriduskaai 50 – 2000 AntwerpOpen every Saturday from 11 – 18hor by appointment

Leonhard's Gallery at the Waterside - Exhibition David Yarrow

Leonhard’s Gallery at the Waterside

Great photos of our opening December 20th by Eric Ceccarini!

David Yarrow New Book - Leonhard's Gallery

New Book David Yarrow

The book is a 368 page photography monograph showcasing 150 of David’s strongest images predominantly from the last two years. The book features a foreword written by global NFL star Tom Brady and an afterword by American cultural icon Cindy Crawford. All royalties from the book will be donated to conservation charities Tusk and WildAid. […]

Leonhard's Gallery - Godefriduskaai 50 -,2000-Antwerp


For more than two decades, legendary British photographer David Yarrow has been putting himself in harm’s way to capture immersive photography of the world’s most revered and endangered species. As one of the most relevant fine art photographers in the world, he is therefore a leading artist of our gallery. That’s why we have created […]

December 12, 2020
Leonhard's Gallery - Godefriduskaai 50 -,2000-Antwerp


We are honored to invite youto the opening of our new project LEONHARD’S AT THE WATERSIDE Iconic Photography byDAVID YARROW We welcome you on 12 & 13 DECEMBER 2020FROM 13 – 18H 19 & 20 DECEMBER 2020FROM 13 – 18H Or make your private appointment info@leonhardsgallery.com –  32 (0)3 226 28 80 Gallery opening hours: […]

Gallery Setup Schuttershofstraat Antwerpen - Leonhard's Gallery

New Season, Full of Contemporary Art

10th & 11th OctoberOpening Leopoldstraat 45 – AntwerpenSchuttershofstraat 43 – Antwerpen Featured Artists Marc Lagrange – Inge Cornil – Carlos MataJürgen Lingl – Hong Yi-Zhuang – Lidia MasllorensAndrea Torres – David Yarrow Special Showcase Eric Ceccarini ‘The Painters Project’Etiyé Dimma Poulsen ‘Ceramics’

In Focus - David Yarrow - Leonhard's Gallery

IN FOCUS Magazine by David Yarrow

We are excited to be able to share with you that in August, David Yarrow studio will launch IN FOCUS, a triannual international journal that has photography and film as its genesis and collaboration and humanity as its backbone. This journal will be outwardly visual, but inwardly empathetic. There will be a focus on those that are […]

Article The Sunday Times David Yarrow - Leonhard's Gallery

The Sunday Times with David Yarrow

We wanted to share with you David’s new crocodile image which featured in The Sunday Times, UK yesterday. David captured this moment in Katavi National Park, Tanzania where he has been based for the last few days.